china world
Located in the heart of Beijing’s CBD at 1 Jianguomenwai Avenue. One of Beijing’s first quality office buildings and the most prestigious business address in the capital.
Address: No. 1, Jianguomenwai Av., Beijing
Sizes: 120 sqm - 4000 sqm
Price: USD 45 - 65  / net / month
Build: Tower I 1990, Tower II 1999
Subway: yes - upfront
Parking: yes but limited
 sunflower tower
Location: East 3rd Ring Road, Maizidian, Chaoyang District.

coffee house, post office, ticketing service, travel agency
Sizes: 300 sqm - 2500 sqm
Price: USD 45 - 65  / net / month
Build: may 1995
Parking: 150 USD / month
 silver tower
Silver Tower raises 32 storeys to accommodate a gross floor area of 66,200sqm. Advanced technology and modern architecture. The ground floor lobby stretches three storey high.

post office, travel agency
Sizes: 300 sqm - 2500 sqm
Price: USD 55 - 85  / net / month
Build: 2002
Parking: 180 USD / month
 Millennium tower
24 stories building with a total area of 54,000sqm. The warm contemporary environment is highly conducive to productivity resulting in highly motivated staff in an efficient work environment. The Millennium Tower delivers global standards of commercial office accommodation and is only a 15 minutes drive to Beijing’s International Airport in the city’s new 3rd Embassy District.

coffee house, post office,shopping, travel agency
Sizes: 150 sqm -5500 sqm
Price: USD 32 - 60   / net / month
Build: 2004
 Air China Plaza
The plaza is ideally located in the heart of the city. Just few minutes away from the Embassy District, It is also within walking distance of Beijing's shopping centers, banking and has easy access to major freeways

coffee house, service center
Sizes: 80 sqm -1600 sqm
Price: USD 30 - 85  / net / month
Build: 1990
Parking: limited avilable