1.   Initial consulting via Email or phone
  • Discussion and advice concerning clients housing needs
  • Advice concerning luggage packing list and on how to get started in the new environment
2.  Clients first visit to Beijing - Meeting with Tina Lemmen
  • Informal meeting to discuss housing needs
  • comprehensive analysis on the location of future housing and family hobbies and interest
3.  Housing tour
  • Visit to a range of housing or apartments selected according to the budget requirements of the employer and the future tenants personal needs
  • Analysis of the feedback given by the future tenants
  • Personal advice for the selection of a future home
4.  Trip around future work and living area
  • Visit expatriate hospitals, schools, shopping centers etc. in order to give the client an idea of how and where to accommodate the needs of the family
5.  Information tour
  • Trip around the tenants new neighborhood
  • Introduction to all facilities and services important for a clients smooth start in Beijing according to previous discussion and analysis
  • Tour of schools, hospitals, golf, tennis courts, shops and markets and so on
6.   Personal tips by Tina Lemmen
  • A list of restaurants and shopping tips will be handed over to the client
  • According to the clients field of interest, Mrs. Tina Lemmen will answer their questions
7.  After-Sales service and troubleshooting
  • We are always ready to answer clients questions even after they have moved into their home
  • This also includes further tips on the clients leisure activities and resolution of housing problems