It is possible to bring your pet dog or cat with you to Beijing.


You will have no problem to get Food for them in nearly every supermarket. There are also several veterinary hospitals in Beijing who specializes in the handling foreigners and their pets. We will gladly introduce you to them.


But first there are some necessary procedures you have to follow to bring Wuffi or Miezi into China.

Usually only one pet per adult passport is allowed.

Big or small size dogs is not a big problem, the dog restriction limitation and registration fee vary dependent on different location of the city, mainly is based on where you live. If you have a dog bigger than 35cm high, the best is live outside fourth ring road of Beijing. You still can live inside Fourth ring Road, but you need to establish a good relationship with the local people around your house.

You will also need to have your pet's health certificate approved by your country's appropriate government bureau.

The Vaccination certificate must be up to date and not older then 6 month.
Beijing is a Rabies endemic area and proof of vaccination against Canine Distemper and Rabies are required annually at the time of registration.


The pet need to be quarantined 45 days before you can take home with you, but you can ask for doing the quarantine period at home as long as you are agree to pay the quarantine fee. At the 45th day an officer or animal inspector will come to check the animal if it is healthy or not.
Then you receive the official permission to have the pet in China.


The registration of your dog is a separate issue.
Each municipality (e.g. Beijing, Shanghai, etc.) has its own regulations.


In most cases the Property Management Company of you compound is very helpful to register your dog with the local police station. There are forms to be filled out and fee’s to pay. Your dog even will get his or her own Photo-ID-Card, which you have to keep with you all the time when you are going for a walk.

The registration have to be repeated ever year in spring time.


For more information please contact the Public Security Bureau (Office for Dog registration)

Chaoyang District:         ++86 – 10 – 8595 3400
Dongcheng District:       ++86 – 10 – 8408 1110